Read Any Good Books Lately?

I heard someone say to me, "you should write a book. All that has happened in your life. All that you have surpassed and overcome", etc. etc. Funny that I don't look at it that way but others do. Yet, true enough each of our lives are made up of many stories. I do know that our thoughts are just that - stories we each choose to tell ourselves, about ourselves, others, our varied circumstances, we even have stories at the ready to explain our results (or lack of them). If a stranger picked out your book of stories to read, how would it read? Is it a complex drama? Is it a love story? is it a mystery? Is it full of adventure? Is it a mix of sci-fi meets post-modern? Is it a sleeper? Is it bold or complex, full of a vibrant mix of colors and characters? Should it be made into a motion picture (and who would play YOU?) You have empty chapters still to be written. Before self-doubt and your inner critic's voice starts to play with your thinking, what would you want those next new chapters to say about you? About your life ahead? You can't write your past, but the good news is you can choose to write your future. By future, we tend to look so far down the road that we miss the "now". You realize the next minute from now IS your future, so don't overcomplicate or overthink it. How do you choose to spend it? Your challenge for today is not to review the chapters already written, but to look ahead to those chapters not yet written. That is your future. That is what it means to be forward thinking. What would the title of your next chapter be? Seriously. Name it. Write the name down and email it to me. Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~ Until soon, Joanne P.S. ~ Do you know of someone who is allowing their self-doubt to get the best of them?  My free e-book is waiting to be downloaded from my website "5 Initial Steps to Kick Your Inner Critic to the Curb". Offerings: Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash