The Power of One

Do you know what the #1 outcome the women I coach want? Clarity. That's an easy fix. Know why? Because they already have it. You already have it. What I help women do, is to uncover the clarity they already have within them. That inner voice, inner guide, inner wisdom, gut feeling, intuition, that voice that is always speaking to them. The problem is, they don't trust this voice. They don't trust themselves. They have been choosing to listen instead to their thought habits of self-doubt, overthinking, overanalyzing or procrastinating on taking action. The list can go on. This is all a waste of emotional energy. Do you know why? Because their critical thought habits keep them out of action. And their thoughts just keep spinning away. And another year passes them by.  They remain at the same place they were with their hopes, wants, and visions that they have had for themselves, last year and the year before that, and before that... Your inner wisdom is always there, the goal is to trust it, to listen to it and to take action. Don't underestimate the power that you have to change the things that matter most to you. You are 1 decision away from a totally different life. "Don't you think that 1 decision can change everything? It's the only way you change anything," ~ Mel Robbins