The Power of Storey

By now in your life, you've had many varied experiences that have shaped, molded and influenced you in different ways. The mind has captured each of these experiences, creating snapshots that have added to the story (the thoughts) it tells you. You've chosen over time to pick and choose the version of these experiences that you hold on to. Some better serving than others, but all having a certain comfort level that keeps you holding on to them. Much like being an author of a book, your first chapter has been written. It's done. You get to now write your sequel to that first book.  In doing so I offer you a few questions to consider: In the thoughts or stories that the mind is throwing your way, what would it mean if you realized that maybe you have more options than you assumed? That you don't have to think of yourself as stuck? Would life be different for you if you chose to not think of yourself as stuck? What would you do differently if you thought different was possible for you? W/hat if you looked to your heart vs. the mind for your answer? As the holiday season has officially started and before you know it, you'll be stepping into a new year, how do you want to write your new chapter that lies ahead - you are the only author of it!  I offer you several new thoughts to consider and try on for size:

  • Don't believe everything you think.
  • Old beliefs do not lead to new beginnings
  • The mind is giving you a thought. That's its job. Spoiler alert ~ you can choose to think differently.
  • You are not your belief. You are the person who chooses your belief.
  • Let go of what isn't working.
  • Step out of what's comfortable. You may find you have been sleeping on rocks all this time but have just become used it and your feather bed awaits elsewhere.
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