Untangled Thoughts

It's not uncommon for clients to come to me having the clarity around what they actually want to be doing vs. what they currently have become accustomed to doing. Their prep work is done and they are primed to leave the old and start the new.  What they need coaching for is figuring out the "why" behind their resistance in taking the leap into the action of starting. While working with someone in this scenario we start uncovering all the thoughts that the mind throws them. Our thoughts can be so tangled up in past stories and past beliefs that are scary to let go of. Here's a common conversation client's usually go through with themselves as they navigate through fear, doubt, insecurity and second-guessing:

  • "isn't work supposed to be hard?"
  • "When I am doing what I truly love, it feels so effortless, so natural. It brings joy, fun, and fulfillment. There must be something wrong since it's not arduous, boring, tedious, challenged and difficult. Right?
  • "Even though I may not like what I do, it's paying me. What if x what if y, what if z?"
  • "How long until I retire, I can stick it out"
  • "To make a change now will mean I'm irresponsible and kidding myself"

When we do the coaching work we look at the beliefs that are tangled up in those thoughts. The stories that we were a part of growing up perhaps, seeing our parents choices during those times, hearing their stories and learning from their actions. Coming from first generation, Depression-era parents, a job that provided longevity and predictability was key. You started a career at the age of 20 and stuck with it through retirement, often at the same company "if you are lucky". Even several generations out, hearing these messages over time, its what is familiar and unbeknownst to our inner wisdom, we become unable to find clarity in these tangled up thoughts. Many of you may hold this tangled up belief about earning a living even if it's not aligned with your passion and your dream. And whether you identify with this scenario or not, all of us have beliefs that got tangled up early on in our young lives, without us realizing it. What are your thoughts tangled up in? ~ Your lovability? ~  Confidence? ~  Financial security? ~  Marital status? ~  Aging up? Creating change requires the risk to start untangling the thoughts and getting to the root. From there you are set free to step into the action, the change, the results, THE THOUGHTS you want to have. Untangled and free. That's what the coaching process is all about. 1)  Seeing what two ideas got tangled together; 2)  Pulling the two ideas apart; 3)  Believing in a new thought that you create; 4)  Practicing that thought and new possibility, again and again in order to create a new thought habit. If you are longing for more meaning in your work, if you are tired of being stuck in self-doubt and fear, if you are ready to say "liking myself is non-negotiable",  schedule 30-minutes with me at NO COST. My gift to you. You will feel a bit freer than you do now. On the call we will:

  • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
  • You'll walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action and
  • Let's talk about the benefits of working together.

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