What's Your Battery Life?

Running on Empty

What's your personal battery life these days? Are you running on fumes? Feeling exhausted? Tired? Stressed? Have you bought into life's story that everything needs to be done yesterday, and done perfectly? Have you bought into the story that multi-tasking is a skill? In thinking about that question myself I realize how many times I have listed that as a strength and articulated it as such in countless professional interviews during my employee seeking employment days. If you've coached with me, I'm always talking about our attributes, personality traits, and emotions, is a double-edged sword and the goal of career women who step into coaching with me, is to find the "balance". We either swing too much left or too much right when working to establish a wellness life plan, the goal is to find that mid-way. And for each woman, it's different. Work-life "balance" is a myth. It's never a 50-50 split.

The Tortoise or the Hare?

Most of you are tilting too much to the right. Moving at a pace that makes you feel busy. You have a million things to do that has you feeling busy but does it leave you feeling productive? I would have my downpayment on that beach house I am eyeing if I received a dollar for every time I've heard the thought "I am working hard but don't feel productive so I need to work harder. I need to work faster". WRONG. You need to work slower - You need to actually slow down. The solution is not to do more, it's actually to do less.

The Art of Being in Control

Sorry, but I also have to bust through the myth around being busy. The story many women tell themselves is that if they are busy if they create busy and stay busy, they are in control. The truth is you're feeling out of control and that's why you create busy. Busy serves a purpose to keep you occupied. Perhaps keeps you procrastinating and avoiding or resisting, what's really going on that you aren't attending to. Take control of your life by not speeding your way through it but by slowing down. Take control of removing the "thing" that's creating the distraction for you (the busy). Take control by being honest with yourself about the things you are filling up your life with that doesn't matter, that makes you busy to find the 15-minutes of courage to tackle that thought you are hiding from dealing with in order to make your life a bit better. To bring into your life a bit of joy. And to actually be more "balanced". You know what it is.  If you aren't' sure what your busy-ness is distracting you from, spend 30-minutes on a call with me. Let's sift it out, create an action plan on working through the thought keeping you continuously moving as a distraction so you can then slow yourself down and learn to get comfortable in enjoying that pace for a change!  Heck, you may just discover you are much more focused, are more productive to actually accomplish things on your to-do list, and feel way more in control of your life.

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