Why Me?

Circumstances happen. Life Happens, and when it does, have you ever asked yourself the "Why me" question? Inevitably, what are the thoughts that come up for you? How does your inner critic answer you?  What stories does it tell you that lead you to feelings that are less than empowering?

  • You didn't have the skills
  • You didn't give it your 100%
  • You aren't young anymore
  • You don't work hard enough
  • You don't have what it takes
  • You made poor health choices
  • You aren't pretty enough
  • You made some poor decisions in your past and Karma is in play.
How then, do you choose to show up for yourself or others around you after your critical voice is done giving you her two cents?

Why is it that we choose to wait until (negative) circumstances are in front of us to ask the "Why Me" question. Then we have to work and dig a lot deeper to think more neutrally about ourselves in order to be ready to step into actions that will better serve us. Today is fresh and new and filled with infinite possibilities for you to seize and step into. Today ask yourself, Why Me? Today list thoughts that squash that critical voice. List thoughts that speak to your character, your core values as a human being, as a best friend, as a mother, a partner, a sister. Today answer your Why Me question from a place of self-compassion, of empowerment, of self-love. How would the victor within you, not the victim, answer you? Here's a tip. you don't have to 100% believe in your answer. If you don't, continue to write it down and I encourage you to preface your answer with: I'm working on thinking of myself as _______________. Start there - remember, baby steps lead up to massive action. You are learning to retrain negative, critical thought habits. Then when life happens and you are faced with adversity, use these new thoughts to remind yourself of who you are and all that you have within you to move through your challenges. You are retraining your mind to have a victor, not victim mentality. Now go out and make it a great day for yourself ~