Write your own lottery ticket

If you have ever purchased a lottery ticket, often the fun is holding that ticket in your hand and immediately and wildly thinking of what you would do if money were no object! Immediately we let our minds go, no inhibitions, no limits - challenges to achieving your dreams don't enter into the equation. They aren't even questioned!  That night or the next morning you turn on the news and in an instant, after hearing "no winning numbers were drawn" our entire body seems to react. And in a minute our dreams are dashed. Why do we need a lottery ticket to have those "pre-drawing" feelings or thoughts?  What you experienced for how ever long it was from the time you purchased that ticket to the time you turned on the news to hear the results, was an exercise in VISUALIZATION, in putting out into the Universe our intentions. Creating an end game for yourself and then visualizing You in it - seeing yourself in that new car, smelling that new car smell, maybe seeing yourself or family in your new ocean front home, smelling the sea air, feeling it on your skin or going into your boss and giving gleeful notice. Here is your challenge for the day: Write your own lottery ticket!    On a piece of paper write down three things:  Where do you live? What are you doing now that money is no object? What's your claim to fame? Each day take 5 minutes or less and in a quiet space go through each of the 3 questions. "See" yourself among your answers. Try to take in all the senses that you would envision experiencing. Really be in the moment. Put those thoughts, feeling and emotions into the Universe. Lastly, take a baby step toward putting your intentions into action.