Mirrored Reflections

The Gift of Friendship

I am an only child. That is a fact. But the friends I have been fortunate to be blessed with in my life have been family to me, many whom I consider my surrogate siblings. Friends enrich our lives in countless ways, and usually, it takes us being of a certain age or phase in our life to have the ability to look back and truly understand the complexity and meaning of why we choose who we do, to be our friends. In stepping back for a minute I realize that what drew me to each of my friends was a wonderful combination of both similarities and differences. Both reflecting back to me what I held within myself. My friendships have offered me the opportunity to help me grow into who I want to be as well as to know myself at a deeper level through our differences. Equally as curious was looking back at some of my friends whom I was initially attracted to because they were so opposite from who I saw myself as at the time. Within their difference from me, I learned to accept those parts of them I didn't resonate with, learning to love them in spite of those differences. I loved their difference which made me available to then recognize the magnificent attributes that would follow. By acting as mirrors, friends help us define who we are by reflecting our selves back to us. There are times when we see in friends what we don't like about ourselves.  And just as your love for the differences in your friend doesn't falter, they too, love all of your imperfections as well.

Here's Today's Challenge:

Pick one friend that of late, you have had to be tolerant of. Name the reason why. Can you see a place within you that is being mirrored back? If you can tolerate and love those areas that lie within your friend, can you be your own best friend, and love yourself, imperfections and all?

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