Prepare for YES

You get the breakthroughs when you are ready for them. Ask yourself: "If my goal was in front of me now, would I be ready to jump right into it?" Yes or no? If the answer is NO, the next question is, What do I need to do today to get ready? Remember that the action you take (or don't take) is driven by your feelings which are connected to your thinking. If you answered No, if you wouldn't be able to take action on an opportunity that would make your goal a reality today, what's that about? What's the feeling that immediately rises up when you visualize someone asking you for an interview about what you are expert on? What's the feeling that rises up when you get one shot to be on that talk show? What's the thought that rises up when your job offer of a lifetime is asking you are you in or out? What's the thought when the guy or gal, you've had a mad crush on, finally asks you out? Doubt? Fear? Second-guessing? Uncertainty? Not worthy? Not ready? Thinking of yourself as fraudulent? You think you don't know enough? There's someone better than me? This is the mind health work that you need to step into now, as a Changemaker in your business and in your life, in order to be ready. The work you need to do may be why the door hasn't opened yet. But when it does, you need to be ready. PREPARE FOR THE YES  

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