What is Your Attachment to Pain?

 I have yet to meet a human being that actually likes pain. Likes to be in it. Likes to feel it. Likes to have thoughts that are connected to painful feelings. Why is it that so many of my clients come in feeling longstanding, historical pain?

Being Comfortable Staying in Pain

Pain becomes one's comfort zone. We think it feels "right" to feel pain, it's become almost like an appendage we have carried on us for years and can't think of letting it go. It's what you have known for so long. Stepping out of one's comfort zone we think will cause us pain as we move toward any type of change. Right now you may think there are more advantages to staying in what's comfortable even though it is painful than realizing you are the master of your own feelings. You choose how you want to feel. Your feeling is connected to how you choose to think."A belief that you will feel pleasure in the future makes you feel happy, a belief that you will feel pain in the future makes you feel scared. You like feeling happy and you don't like feeling scared".* If you think something will cause you pain in the future you will see it as the problem. And chances are you will stay out of action and remain stuck - in pain.

When is it time to detach ourselves from pain?

When holding on to thoughts that we connect to painful feelings become more painful than the thought of letting go of it. We think we give up our control if we let go. But simply put the only thing we do have control over, is how we choose to think. When you get tired of being tired of thinking the thoughts that hold you in a feeling of pain, is when you desire to start choosing to think differently. What is your attachment to pain? Think about this question, take a paper in hand and write down your thoughts. I am a phone call away to talk this through and help you see you have choices to free yourself of pain.               *Quote from The Life Coach Toolman - Harley M. Storey