What Words Are on Your "Do Not Use" List?

If you've been on a coaching call with me or read anything I've written, then you know I'm a big believer in what we think leads ultimately to what results we do or do not, get. I typically ask you to keep track of the thoughts that come into your head as we aren't often aware of them. For today, my challenge is for you to pay attention, not to your thinking, but the words you tend to use. How many times have you entered into a conversation with a loved one, a co-worker, your child, someone you think intimidating, even a stranger, using some of these words?: I'm sorry, but..... I was just thinking ...... I just need ...... I may be wrong but ..... It's only because I ..... that I ..... Sorry for interrupting but ...... I'm not sure but ...... Often we enter into conversations from a self-doubting place.  Does your inner critic speak to you in a way in which you feel a lack of confidence, feeling unempowered, lacking conviction?  For an example, do you find yourself starting a conversation with an apology and then your thought bubble asks "what are you apologizing for exactly? What's behind the words that you use? Your thoughts. For today, start with paying attention to your words. Take literally a second to pause before you speak. For those of you who think of yourselves as verbally reactive and/or impulsive, yes, this will be a challenge in and of itself! Give thought to the words you will use. Give them a once over. Edit, revise, re-word and then let them flow. What words can you put on your "Do Not Use" list? Do you need a neutral way of thinking to kick off this challenge? Here you go: "For today, I will practice using words that are powerful, empowering, confident, those that say I am self-assured, words that help me to think "I got this"." I am practicing my wording, today. Don't leave yet, here are some offerings for you: Want to be a part of my February 1st online group? We'll be tackling this way of thinking for sure. 2 spots left. More information here https://joanneroyerphd.com/group-coaching/ Don't forget to schedule your 30-minute coaching call with me as my gift to you~ come on, you've wanted to try coaching and you can find 30 minutes! On the call we will:

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