Why Me?

              At some point along your journey, you've uttered these two words - WHY ME? I was thinking about this the other day after working with 3 clients in a row, all coming to their coaching call asking this same question? You know what? All 3 of them had the same answers! It doesn't matter what their exact answers were. That's not the point here. All their answers were self-defeating, limiting and negative thoughts. Think about it. Thoughts coming from self-doubt, comparisons to others, diminished self-worth, questioning your value, thoughts related to not being good enough, and so on. For those of you who have coached with me or read my blogs, you're familiar with the concept of deliberate thinking. What would it be like to deliberately decide to have a different thought when a challenge comes your way, instead of your go-to habit of asking "why me?"?... WHY DID MY INNER WARRIOR WANT TO TAKE ON THIS EXPERIENCE? I'm strong. I'm courageous. I'm smart. I can learn. I am tenacious. I'm got the wisdom. I can do hard things. I am an example of survivorship. I will be better, stronger, wiser and more awesome on the other side of this experience. AMEN! GREAT NEWS! 2 JUNE GROUPS STARTING- do you know a 20 & 30 something woman that is more inwardly inclined and introverted in nature wanting that could benefit from the support of other like-minded women to learn tools to enhance their clarity, confidence, and courage?  1 group online (you can live anywhere....) and one in-office. Limit 6 spots. Feel free to pass along. More information here: http://bit.ly/2vZfTjxz