Our Thoughts Can Be As Layered As An Onion

If you cook at all, you've had to encounter working with an onion.  Shedding its many layers can be a bit tricky.   No matter the color or size, they can be difficult to handle, not always pleasant to deal with and, at times, can bring you to tears. Yet once you have moved past all the preparation, once you have moved through all the potential discomfort, you are left with an outcome that is deliciously worth all your efforts. The same process can be experienced when dealing with your thoughts. Your thought,  just like that onion, can have many layers to it. And with each layered thought, there is a feeling to contend with.  Remember, first the thought, then the feeling. As you move through this new year and have started to tackle one of your intentions, you may be faced with a number of (familiar) thoughts, those of "It's too late for me to make a change", or "I'm just stuck and always will be", or how about feelings tied to a lack of confidence, overwhelm or anxiety. You want to live fully and think big, but your self-doubt, that inner critic of yours, is getting the best of you. A new year doesn't automatically create a new way of thinking about yourself. Can your intention for today be to release any apprehensions, worries, and doubt? Pretend we were on a coaching call together. I would help you to shift your thoughts by thinking outside of your mental box and ask you the following questions: * How would you hope to feel (today) as a result of letting go of what no longer serves and supports you? * What would you hope to let go of (today)? * What would you hope to attract (today)? All you have is today! Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~ Until soon, Joanne P.S. ~ Do you know of someone who could use some "How-To's" in kicking their inner critic to the curb and start to think differently about themselves? My free e-book is waiting to be downloaded from my website www.joanneroyerphd.com. "Five Initial Steps Toward Transforming Your Thoughts". Photo by Burhan Rexhepi on Unsplash