Be the Blessing

We've had an unsettling week here in the US, starting out with a bomb scare that spanned both coasts. Then this past Saturday the weekend was marred by a heinous and unspeakable act of deadly violence at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. One question being asked is how to stop the hatred, where is it coming from? How can we have love rise up?

I read somewhere that hating hate does not equal love. It equals hate.

The thoughts you have in your mind create your feelings.

Your feelings are your responsibility AND they are completely optional.

What you have control over are what you choose to think and how you choose, from those feelings, to behave. How you choose to act. How you choose to show up in your world. With others.

If you "are hating" (as the younger kids now say), have ill will or less than kind feelings toward yourself or someone, you will bring those feelings into the space around you. That is what you will wear on you when you show up around others. At the workplace, at the event you are attending, at the networking meeting, at the luncheon, you are hosting, the job interview you are going on, how you will show up with your children when you greet them after school, and the results from your actions will be affected. 

The target of your discord is less important than the thoughts you are thinking.

If there's someone in your life that you are feeling less than "the love" for, remember you're the one who feels it, not them.

How you feel is optional.

LOVE is an option to feel as well.

It's not always the easiest feeling, but its hands down 100% of the time, the best feeling to choose.

Find your way back to love.

Be the blessing your world, your community, needs.

And, if you are feeling stuck on a thought and can't find your way toward love, call me. I've got 30-minutes my gift (of love) to you.               

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Photo credit: Zoran Kokanovic on Unsplash