Productive Mind-Shift

What's the story that you are telling yourself about your productivity? Whether you are retired, a stay-at-home Mom, working for someone else or an entrepreneur, productivity has become quite the popular and potentially toxic, word these days. Just like everything else the mind throws at you, if you tend to be in the habit of comparing yourself to others (I'm not saying you do), you're now not only comparing your hairstyle, clothing attire, and body size but you've added productivity into the mix! How often do you find yourself thinking that those around you tend to be more "productive" than you are?

  • They accomplish more.
  • They get it done faster.
  • They are smarter than you (because you assume they don't need support to get it done).
  • They are able to work and have time for a social life.
  • They do it all so stress-free!

Mind you, all of the above are assumptions you choose to make and aren't rooted in fact.  Truth be told, that woman you are assuming all of the above about? She's looking at you and assuming the same thing! Why is it that lately, I've been working with women who think themselves as not productive (enough) and think of themselves as less valuable or worthy because of it? Ladies, it's time to redefine what productivity means TO YOU. This is what's so powerful, you get to write your own rules, redefine those beliefs you've been used to believing, just because! I read a great article the other day and wanted to share a handful of  tips with you from a few top woman professionals, just in case today, you are ready to move out of your comfort zone and try on some new tools as you work on creating a new mental mind-shift for yourself: Ginni Rometti, President & CEO - IBM: Only you have control over your time - you set your day's priorities. As you prioritize your work do the hardest things first. Judith McKenna, President & CEO Walmart International: Don't procrastinate.  I love Mark Twain's quote: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Barbara Humpton, U.S. Siemens One to Watch: Delegate! I've learned that nothing makes people happier than to be trusted with important work. Julie Sweet, CEO North America, Accenture: Unplug to unlock—I am at my most productive when I make sure to disconnect in the evenings and on weekends. It helps me recharge and see the new ideas that make an impact. Geisha Williams, President & CEO, PG&E: Never underestimate the importance of taking care of yourself—get a good night’s rest, take breaks, eat healthily. You’re readier for what the day brings your way. Here are all 22 tips if you'd like to read more! Lastly, remember that when you are talking about being productive, you are speaking about a feeling NOT a thought. I invite you to ask yourself when you feel productive or don't feel as productive as you'd like to be, take a pen and paper in hand and ask yourself why? What's the thought or thoughts the mind is throwing at you as to why you don't feel productive. If you are stuck, give me a call. Let's work those thoughts through on a 30-minute call (my gift to you). Until soon, Joanne

I provide online mentor coaching to female professionals, helping them bridge the gap between how others see them and how they see themselves.