Take a Pause to Listen

I've realized that I have entered into conversations with expectations. I think I am open-minded, objective, bi-partisan, but.......no. As you enter into friend or family time today, check in with your thoughts about the person you are getting ready to spend conversation time with.   It's very easy to assume people think the same thoughts as you. I've made this mistake more than once I assure you.

Am I Hearing What You Are Thinking?

I assume that my friends and family especially, are aligned with the same values and viewpoints I have and therefore are in agreement with me without even asking them. I assume we are all on the same page and like-minded. Sometimes I forget to even check in with them once my thought or opinion is put on the table as to what they think. I realized that my relationship with them was based on my thoughts about them and it's easy to get carried away with what I think they think (all assumptions on my part).  And if that's the case, then I am not having a full, real, open and honest relationship with them.

What Did You Say?

I want to hear what people are actually thinking, not just what I think they are thinking. I made a deliberate goal with myself (and my friends/family) that once I put my thoughts out on the table I will then ask "What are your thoughts about this?' My job after that is to take a pause, close my mouth, give them time and just listen. It's your turn. Feel free to email me to share if you can relate or any feedback or suggestions on topics you'd like me to write about! I love to hear from you

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Your past does not define you. Your story isn't finished. You have more to write. You are the author of your future's story. ~ Dr. Joanne Royer