The Feeling of Possibility

[caption id="attachment_3558" align="alignleft" width="500"] We are what we think about all day long ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson[/caption]                 If you've ever spent $1 toward purchasing a lottery ticket you've then experienced the amazing thoughts that bring forth the feeling of possibility. Life possibilities that you envision for yourself that have you rushing to the internet to explore what house you would purchase for all those millions and where it would be or explore what color that car you've always dreamt of having come in or starting that To Do list of all you want to have in place to get that dream business of yours up and running. The power of thought most specifically the feeling power of possibility is palpable. Ask yourself why it takes the purchasing of a lottery ticket to experience the feeling of possibility. Is it the same "why" that you choose not to? Are you afraid of feeling some future of disappointment? Do you suffer from "anticipatory disappointment"? Thinking you know disappointment is coming, at some point in time, somehow, and you then choose to get it over with by feeling it ahead of time?  Why wait, you ask yourself? Feel disappointment now!

Why wait, you ask yourself? Feel disappointment now!

What would it be instead, to ask yourself how deciding that disappointment will happen, serves you. What results have you been getting, waiting for disappointment to come? What would it be instead, to ask yourself how choosing to feel possibility can serve you? Could feeling possibility create a different result than choosing to feel disappointment? Would how you show up in your life, today, be different if you chose to feel possibility? How great it is to know that you can decide what to feel ahead of time. You can keep reminding yourself and practice the feeling of possibility. Remember,  we get good at what we practice (we default to what we have repeated). Practice makes perfect, so practice away. Practice possibility. P.S.  Are you ready to be a part of a community of like-minded women 50+ who are ready to tame their inner critic?  Have you heard about Chapter 2, my on-line coaching group that is starting soon?  Space is limited. Email me and we can spend 20-minutes so I can tell you all about it. You can find out more information here: